Prof. Dr. Peter Malanczuk

Prof. Dr. Peter Malanczuk (Germany)

Currently: Council member, Chairperson of Strategy and Rules Committee, Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA); Director, Chairperson of Rules Making Committee, South China International Arbitration (Hong Kong); Expert member, China Supreme People’s Court International Commercial Expert Committee; Adjunct Professor, Law Faculty, Hong Kong University; Academic Advisory Council, University of Heidelberg.

Former positions: Emeritus C.V. Starr Professor of Law, Peking University of Transnational Law; Dean and Chair Professor, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong; Professor & Head of Department at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Amsterdam University; Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute Heidelberg; Legal Advisor to the President of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal; Legal Counsel of Iraq before the U.N. Compensation Commission in Geneva (1990 Gulf War); Special Legal Counsel of Ethiopia (1998 war with Eritrea); Member, Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission; Member, Hong Kong Telecommunications (Competition Provisions) Appeal Board; Member, Hong Kong Board of Review (Inland Revenue Ordinance).

Former Visiting Professor: e.g., at Michigan Law School; Boalt Hall Law School (University of California at Berkeley); Moscow State (Lomonosow) University; Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia; Hebrew University Jerusalem; and several Honorary Professorship appointments at leading universities in China. External Scientific Fellow of the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law.

Honorary editorial/advisory boards of several international journals, including the Chinese Journal of International Law.

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